How to pay

At the moment our biggest priority is to provide a secure and easy payment on the website. Until then transfers are done with international bank deposit/bank transfer/money transfer using the information below.

Thank you for your patience!

INTERNATIONAL customers may transfer using this information:
Account owner: WiIll n Jake AB
Address street: Långelidsvägen 1C
Address zip: 45662
Address city: Hunnebostrand, SWEDEN
IBAN: SE65 1200 0000 0123 5041 7190
IMPORTANT: Include your name and order number in the transfer information.

SWEDISH customers may transfer using this information:
Clearingnummer: 1235
Kontonummer: 0417190
Bank: Danske Bank
VIKTIGT: Ange ditt namn samt ordernummer i överföringsinformationen.

After your transfer has been confirmed by us we will process your order. Confirmation usually takes 1-2 business days.