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Oxiracetam Powder
Oxiracetam Powder
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Oxiracetam Powder

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Product Oxiracetam Capsules. 
Testing A certificate of Analysis by a Third-Party independent lab is provided for each product verifying actual purity. 


Precautions and disclaimer This material is sold for research purposes only. Terms of purchase apply. Not for human consumption, medical, veterinary or household use.


What is Oxiracetam

Oxiracetam is one of the racetams, and is structurally different from piracetam due to a single hydroxyl groupdents. 
Oxiracetam (developmental code name ISF 2522) and is a member of the racetam family of drugs. Oxiracetam is one of the first racetam drug varieties derived from piracetam,
Synonyms: SF 2522
Molar mass: 158.155 g·mol−1
Formula: C6H10N2O3 



All chemical compounds have risks. 
Please read available research and be aware of risks that may arise around associated management. 
If you are unsure of the appropriate handling method, consult a qualified professional. 


Examine Oxiracetam
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